Vacation apartment "Oberfrohna

The vacation apartment "Oberfrohna" is located in the annex. Historically, the room above the former dining vault was the room of the landlady. The then still existing chimney of smokehouse and bread oven in the basement led through the bower and warmed it. The mistress had the only halfway warm and probably also the only approximately homely furnished room of the entire farm. Perhaps with a little imagination you can still imagine how it must have been.

Unfortunately, the oven was already demolished in GDR times. If you go straight ahead from the courtyard through the small gate and down a few stairs, you are practically sitting in the old oven under the canopy.

The chimney was also unstoppable during the 2008 renovation. It was also demolished. The vacation home today has underfloor heating in all rooms. The heat is generated by an air-to-air heat pump.

Through a small hallway you reach the kitchen-living room. From there you enter the shower room and via a narrow staircase into the attic, which is converted into a bedroom with a double bed. You have a total area of about 50 m² at your disposal.

The vacation apartment "Oberfrohna" still shows much of the historical details. The bathroom door, for example, is still original from 1714. With only about 1.75 m clear height, it takes some getting used to; as do the "low-lying" ceiling beams of the attic. But we can see from this that generations of people have grown about 20 cm taller in 300 years.

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