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Niederfrohna is centrally located between the cities of Leipzig and Dresden and the Ore Mountains. You can reach all these exciting destinations in about an hour by car.

Stroll through Chemnitz, the Capital of Culture 2025 (approx. 15 km).

You can walk endlessly across the fields here or into the little-known Grünfelder Landscape Park around Waldenburg Castle. There are potteries, a chocolate manufactory and a coffee roastery within a radius of 20 km. And of course plenty of museums, castles and palaces to discover and visit.

Or explore the romantic Mulde Valley on foot or by bike. Attention: the landscape is hilly and has quite challenging climbs.

Visit the famous race track "Sachsenring" in Hohenstein-Ernstthal, about 15 km away, for one of the numerous car or motorcycle races or complete a driving safety training on the Sachsenring with your own car.

Or to the cinema or theater again? We are happy to help you with ticket reservations and organize a shuttle service for you.

Our guest folder in each accommodation contains many excursion tips and other suggestions. You are welcome to ask us before your arrival or spontaneously for further possibilities. We are happy to help you with the organization at any time.

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Farm vacation is boring ? - NO !

The harmonious interaction with animals also has a stress-reducing effect on adults. You can safely enter all our outdoor enclosures. Our good-natured farm dog Elli is always there when petting is distributed. She can't get enough.

Try it out !

Just sit down on your favorite spot and it won't take long. A curious cat jumps on your lap and wants to be cuddled. Already many a guest has fallen asleep practicing purring with the cat on his belly...

Lie down in the meadow and watch the clouds - very soon a gentle sheep will nudge you.

Just enjoy the peace and quiet and the birds chirping. Watch the fish in the pond. Feel the wind and the power of the sun.

You will quickly notice how you calm down and relax inside. You feel grounded and full of new energy. Your thoughts come into order. You turn to new ideas and projects.

If you want, you can also put in an extra fitness session while working in the barn or garden. (Training of all muscle groups is guaranteed!).

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