Our farm - history

Niederfrohna was first mentioned in 1236 as "Frohne". Our farm was built in 1714 between the Thirty Years War (1618-48) and the Seven Years War (1755-63). Times were hard; even today there is a place called "Frohna" in Missouri (USA), which was founded in 1683 by emigrants from Niederfrohna.

Our over 300-year-old farm is one of the last almost completely preserved 4-sided half-timbered farms in the region.

The four-sided farmstead dates back to the Frankish construction. The enclosed courtyard is well defended like a fortress. Through the well there is its own independent water supply. The residential building has the house entrance about in the middle of the building from the courtyard side. There is a mostly straight hallway on the first floor to the rear exit. On one side there is the stable and on the other the residential part. On the upper floor there is a central corridor running lengthwise through the building, from which the sleeping chambers lead off. The outhouse (with free fall) was located directly above the manure pile next to the stable.

Fortunately, we renovated the main house in 2002 to 2008!

We have tried to preserve as many historical details as possible during the renovation and to build as ecologically and sustainably as possible. The entire property is heated by means of air-to-air heat pumps via underfloor heating only. Hot water is also produced in this way. A 26 kWp PV system was installed on the barn in 2014, which helps us save a bit of electricity. However, we are not self-sufficient with it. The service water well feeds the toilet flushes and irrigates the garden.

On the first floor of the main house is the office in the former living quarters; the sauna in the converted stable. Through the central hallway you pass the house bar to the former pantry in the annex. Small barred windows and the heavy iron door testify to how vital storage was without supermarkets.

Today you can socialize in the dining vault. And to serve themselves at the house bar on the basis "cash register of confidence" with fresh draft beer, wine / sparkling wine and various non-alcoholic beverages.

The upper floors with the vacation apartments and also our quite extensive library can be reached via the central staircase. There is not much left of the historical floor plan on the upper floor - modern living has other demands today. The vacation apartments are nevertheless very individually cut and optimally fitted into the historical building fabric. Each apartment is different - we invite you to find your favorite apartment.

Your hosts from the Auszeithof
Jacqueline Husfeldt and Steffen Husfeldt

Obere Hauptstraße 89
09243 Niederfrohna

Tel: 03722 4082730
Fax: 03722 598689
E-mail: info@ferienwohnungen-im-auszeithof.de

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  • 6 apartments in the center of Saxony
  • 1-4 people
  • Safe, modern shower room, separate bedrooms, fully equipped fitted kitchen, dining area, TV with DVD, internet access (wi-fi),...


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